Want Quality Leads Through FB Ads? This One Change Will Skyrocket Your Results!

Hey there,

Taking a step back can sometimes mean making a leap forward. That’s what I’ve learned as I recently let my team at Baweja Media fully manage client relations, something I used to handle personally.

In this transition, we’ve encountered a few unexpected roadblocks – reels cropping off in feed placements, misaligned focuses in our Facebook ad captions prioritizing fashion over lifestyle – things that slipped through the cracks, situations I’ve rarely experienced when I was at the helm.

Yet, despite these teething problems, my team has proved they can handle the pressure. They’ve been super receptive, acutely aware of priorities, and most importantly, they treat our clients’ campaigns as if they were their own. So, even under the weight of client expectations and their boss’s gaze (that’s me!), they’ve delivered results – and I couldn’t be prouder.

The take-home here is clear. Our clients need to know that they’re heard and that we’re acting on their feedback. Yes, we’re working on responding quickly and making better judgment calls. But above all, we’re committed to making our clients feel valued.

Speaking of value, let me introduce our upcoming offering – a product built around AI prompts and tools. If you’re wondering why this email feels so engaging, it’s because an AI wrote it! We’ve been using AI extensively here at Baweja Media, and it’s been a game-changer. It’s helped us slash our working time by over 70%, banish procrastination, and turbocharge our decision-making and research. This isn’t just in the realm of Facebook ads; it’s across the board.

And now, we’re set to share this game-changer with you. Want to experience the AI revolution? You can pre-book our AI prompts and tools bundle now for just ₹399. But remember, it’s a special pre-launch price, so after we officially launch it, the price will rise to ₹999.

Now onto some insider news. I recently attended a webinar about Facebook’s latest developments on lead form ads. Though I’m tied by an NDA and can’t reveal much, I can assure you that there are some exciting changes on the horizon, especially for those wrestling with lead quality issues.

On a completely different side note, here’s a little hack for you – if you want to see a real improvement in lead quality, simply ask your leads when they’d prefer to be contacted. Why does it work? Three reasons:

  1. It makes the process feel more serious and professional.
  2. It respects your lead’s personal time, showing them that you’re considerate and won’t disturb them unnecessarily.
  3. The prospect of a real conversation can weed out those who are not genuinely interested, ensuring you’re left with high-quality, sales-ready leads.

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Finally, I need your input! I want to address your burning questions and challenges related to Facebook ads. Reply to this email with your inquiries or topic suggestions, and I’ll aim to cover them in my future YouTube videos.

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Sannidhya Baweja

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