Facebook Ads Course For Beginners.

What Are Facebook Ads? How Do They Work? 2021

I have tried explaining Facebook Ads in the simplest way possible. You can use Facebook ads to showcase your services and products in front of the widest audience possible.

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads?

Have you been lately thinking that if Facebook ads are actually worth it? Do Facebook ads even work? or you want to convince your client on why they should run Facebook ads? If yes then this is the perfect video to push you off the edge.

How To Setup Facebook Page For Business In 2022 | 6 Simple Steps

Create a Facebook Page in under 3 minutes without any hassle. It costs o bucks to setup a Facebook Page. SO start now!

How To Optimise Your Facebook Page For Facebook SEO

Optimise your Facebook Page to get the maximum out of searches. Appear in front of 1000+ people on an everyday basis by using right keywords and branding.

How To Setup Facebook Business Manager

In this video, I am going to explain what a Facebook business manager is? How to set it up? What is an ad account? How to set up an ad account? What is the correct way to get access to any Client’s ad account from your Facebook business manager? And finally how to connect the Facebook business Page and Instagram account to your business manager?

How To Navigate Across Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account Manager | 2022

Do you face trouble while moving from Facebook Business Manager to a particular Ad account? Or finding the payment settings? Then worry not and watch this video and get everything sorted.

Facebook Ads Sizes & Their Dimensions with their Respective placements | 2022

This video will be your Facebooks ads size guide. I have discussed all the placements that are available inside the Facebook Ads account and their respective aspect ratio.

How To Create Facebook Campaign, Ad Set And Ads in 2022

Walking you through Facebook Campaign, ad set and ad creation step by step. Solving all your queries around how to create Facebook Ads.

Facebook Buying Type: Auction Vs Reach & Frequency | Which Is Better? | 2022

Are you confused about which buying type to choose? Is Auction really better than Reach and Frequency? If yes then why? Find out all of that in this video.

Facebook Campaign Objective | Step By Step Guide | 2022

Facebook Campaign Objective is one of the most important thing that you have to absolutely get right the first time you are running Facebook Ads. This can literally make or break the advertising game for you.

CBO vs ABO | Campaign Budget Optimisation vs Ad Set Budget Optimisation | 2022

Which one to choose when? Both CBO (campaign budget optimisation) and ABO (ad set budget optimisation) can be contextually appropriate for you. It isn’t like one is superior to other. Watch the video to find out when to use what?

Lifetime Budget vs Daily Budget | 2022

Choosing one from Lifetime budget or Daily budget is contextual and subjective. Depending upon the past performance and circumstance one has to choose from both the options. In this video, I will try to provide that context.

How To Install Facebook Pixels Using Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Website Part 1

Learn how to install Facebook Pixels on Your WordPress website in under 6 minutes. Video also explains how to install Google Tag Manager which will be used to deploy pixels on our WordPress website.

Install FB Pixels Using Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Website Part 2 | Setup Standard Events

The standard events defined by Facebook helps you track standard actions like add to cart, purchase, leads etc. The video walks you through the step by step process of installing standard events on your WordPress website using Google Tag Manager.

Install FB Pixels Using Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Website Part 3 | Setup Custom Events

Custom events open up a stream of endless possibilities. You can use custom events to track how much user has scrolled, how much time a user has spent etc. Using the same will help you optimise your Facebook Campaigns better.

Install FB Pixels Using Google Tag Manager on Your WordPress Website Part 4 | Domain Verification

Verify the domain inside your Facebook business manager in under 3 minutes. w Verifying Domain FB video: https://bit.ly/3BUmrhK