Onboarding Success and Social Media Experiments: The Baweja Buzz

Hey there,

I hope you’re doing great! This week was quite eventful, with stable client accounts and three exciting new onboarding projects. Let’s dive right into the process and everything else that happened in this week’s edition of The Baweja Buzz!

🚀 Onboarding New Clients: A Peek into Our Process

When it comes to onboarding clients, we follow a straightforward yet effective process. Typically, we kick off by sending them a contract with agreed-upon remuneration and scope of work. However, this time around, I chose to delay sending the contract due to some unresolved remuneration matters. Trust me, I’ve learned my lessons from dealing with difficult clients in the past.

But fear not, dear reader! The relationships with these three new clients have stood the test of time, as we’ve collaborated on numerous projects before. So, I decided to proceed once the compensation aspect is sorted fairly.

Instead of our usual three workshops, I opted for an introductory meeting with each client. In this single power-packed session, we covered essential questions to gain clarity and tailor our strategies specifically to their unique needs. Questions such as target audience, goals, pricing structure, sales processes, and more helped us kick-start the journey.

Once the groundwork was laid, we dove into the technical aspects. We requested and set up CRM systems, integrated Google Analytics, launched Facebook Ads, established social media handles, and configured Google Ads and Merchant Center. All of this typically takes around 14 days, but since these are new businesses, my team managed to expedite the process and get everything up and running in just one day!

Of course, there are a plethora of other tasks involved, like creating a customized nomenclature, establishing a reporting structure, conducting competitor analysis, preparing captivating ads, A/B testing landing pages, and analyzing existing data. These steps enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current scenario and devise a well-informed plan for future success.

Please note that the above list only scratches the surface of our comprehensive onboarding process. I promise to share more detailed insights in the future to keep you in the loop!

📹 Buzzing Highlights from My Social Media 📸

As a content creator, I’m always experimenting with different strategies. Lately, I’ve been testing the waters with single-image posts on my social media channels. And you know what? The engagement results have been quite promising so far! Here are a couple of images I posted last week that struck a chord with my audience:

And that wraps up the exciting highlights from last week.

✨ A Request for Your Help

Lastly, I turn to you for some assistance. Your input matters to me, and I’d love to address any topics or challenges you’re currently facing. Simply hit the reply button and let me know what’s on your mind. I’ll make it a priority to cover your queries and concerns in my upcoming YouTube videos, exclusively crafted for your benefit. Your support means the world to me!

That’s all for this week’s edition of The Baweja Buzz. Stay tuned for more Facebook Ads magic


Sannidhya Baweja