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Digital Marketing Consultant?

I have been into digital marketing industry for more than 5 years and have helped small businesses scale their revenue 7 times by consulting and strategizing for them.


About Me

I am a Digital Marketer / Consultant / Youtuber / LinkedIn Content Creator and a lot more

I am an executioner and a hardcore practitioner of the concepts that I suggest my clients to follow. I have a wide knowledge of various niches, that helps me develop a customised and super specific strategy for any kind of business. 

My main objective is to squeeze the revenue from the most apparent and non apparent platforms, resulting in the bottom line you might have only imagined.

Years of Experience

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Do you want to up your marketing game?

Marketing seems very easy, until there is a bottom line Revenue Targets to hit!

For the past 5 years, I have been achieving those goals for all my clients without a fail. The most updated knowledge of this industry accompanied by the most diverse experience helps me build and execute an analytically strategy that hits the desired number with ease for all my clients.

If you want a 360° Digital Marketer for all your marketing needs then let’s get on a discovery call and identify if we are a good fit for each other.


Advanced Facebook Ads Course

Instead of wasting precious time, money, and energy on the hundreds of mediocre Facebook Ad courses, invest in Sannidhya Baweja’s Advanced Facebook Ads course. This super course covers in detail:

  • Marketing Vs. Facebook Funnel 

  • Ad Optimization for Target Audience and Timeline

  • How to Automate Reporting

  • How to Tackle Learning Limited and New Privacy Updates

  • Real-Life Case Studies and Actionable Techniques

  • Frameworks to Help You Scale Up 

  • Access to Best Performing Ads in Every Industry

  • Industry Standard Templates, Tools, and Guides

This course is action-packed with to-dos and strategies you can execute immediately.
Access 20+ hours of on-demand content.

Free Course: Grow Your YouTube Channel

Checkout the course and invest the money that you were going to waste in some shady YouTube Ads course into your YouTube Ads. The course covers:

  • Best Audience Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Targetting
  • Best Placement Strategy
  • Best Optimization Practices
  • Detailed Funnel Strategy

The course is action packed with ample amount of To-dos.

Already taken by 1000+ students.