Structure Facebook Ads Test Campaign

FB Ads Hack #5- How To Structure Facebook Ads Test Campaigns For Best Results?

Hey there, welcome to today’s Facebook ads hack.

I am sure you must have asked these questions to yourself every time you created a test Facebook ad campaign or launched a campaign in a completely new ad account.

>> How to structure a test Facebook ads campaign?

>> What is the best practice for structuring a test campaign?

>> What should be the ideal budget for a test campaign?

>> How to effectively organize everything so that it makes sense when I analyze the results after a week?

Basically, everything related to “How to get started with the test?”

Although, there is no sure shot way to it because it depends greatly on the context. This is What I do in almost 60% of campaigns with “Conversion” as the campaign objective.

Facebook campaign structure

I create one campaign with three adsets and three different ads in each adset, making nine ads in total. Here, all the ad sets will be focused on different audiences. I usually go for campaign budget optimization with the minimum spend enabled on each ad set to ensure that all the adsets get enough to spend to conclude the experiment.

Facebook ads campaign structure

An important note here is that the audience size inside all the three adsets should be of similar size. Even if you have enabled the minimum spend here, it still needs to be the same. To find out why you can go through my Facebook Ads Course on my Youtube Channel.

Budget for Facebook Ads Campaign

Now let’s talk about the budget. It depends upon the total budget you have in hand, but if you are experimenting, go ahead with $50, and depending upon the results, you can scale it up.

So, $50 for nine ads is an ideal scenario for me!

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For better clarity, watch this video!

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