Capture your thoughts

How to capture your thoughts EVERY FREAKING TIME?!😱

The time has finally come,

I’m going to reveal how I’m able to capture and store all my thoughts PLUS communicate them to my team EVERY goddamn time…

Yes, even your washroom thoughts!😉

I mean, I won’t lie.

I get 90% of my most creative ideas while I’m showering.

And there’s a reason for it- it’s because showering, washing, etc., are chores with minimum distractions!

Plus, showering creates the perfect conditions for your inner genius to come outside.

Oh, and it makes you clean, too, hehe.

Anyyyyywayyy, coming back to the topic…

How can I able to do so?

1. Voice notes

I’m pretty sure my team members are tired of listening to my voice notes almost every day. I mean, this does look annoying:

But, nevertheless, I make sure that I send voice notes every time I have an ah-ha moment- and I love it so I’m gonna keep doing this haha.

2. Mind Palace

Now, this one is specifically for ideas that come to my mind while I’m showering. If you’re a big fan of Sherlock Holmes-like I am, you’ll know this already. Mind-palace is a memory technique used to remember large amounts of information to memory by combining visual and spatial memory.

For this, you need to number pieces of furniture in your home and then become familiar with these items and their matching numbers. The secret to mastering this approach is to assign numbers to each of the five pieces of furniture in each area.

Once you’ve assigned a number to your residence, you’ve built your first mental palace.

You can keep the images organized and distinct in your memory by making at least 20 rooms in your mental palace and no more than 10 objects in each chamber.

3. Write Them Down

This is the most basic technique. Keep a notebook with you ALWAYS. You just need to write everything down. Because if you forget them, you forget them.
Keep reminding yourself that your thoughts are a masterpiece and store them ALWAYS.

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Until next week