What after getting your Facebook Ads Account Suspended?

Sanni, my ad account got suspended.


I think it’s time to say goodbye to you.

I’m quitting Facebook ads.

There’s no point in teaching Facebook ads anymore.

It’s time to give up on your dream of becoming a Facebook ads expert because…

“Facebook disabled my ad account”.

I mean, one of my clients said so. So, quitting is the only option here.


Haha-just kidding. My mum raised no quitter.🫂

2 out of every 5 messages I get are related to ad account suspension.

And I get it!

You’re freaking out because your ad account got suspended and that’s natural.

But, look, here’s some golden advice for you, and believe me, you’re gonna thank me later.

Don’t waste your time trying to understand why your ad account got blocked. Even Facebook reps don’t spend time understanding their own policies.

When one of my client’s ad accounts got suspended, they contacted Facebook to ask them what was happening.

We literally made an attempt to ask them the exact rule that we had broken. I mean, of course, we wanted to know what went wrong…

And Facebook responded by saying that if we told you the exact rule which you broke, you’ll find out a way to circumvent the rule.

And we were like, “Bro, you guys serious?

It’s just like saying, “You have broken a law, but we won’t tell you which law, because then, you’ll break the law again!”

So, if there is anything that I’ve learned from ad accounts getting suspended is this: Facebook reps are equally clueless just like us.

So, create a new account and MOVE ON!

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:

Okay, so the most awaited video is here!

Drum rolls, please!

Media Planning!

I have explained the whole media planning process from the scratch!

How to find benchmarks?

How to customize those benchmarks for any industry?

What details to ask clients?

And a lot more!

Did you really think I was gonna give up on you?😇

I won’t give up on my tribe no matter how many ad accounts Facebook suspends.

Until next week