Boosting Post vs Facebook Ads: Which one is More Effective?

Boosting Post vs Facebook Ads: Which one is More Effective?

The similarity between Facebook ads and Boosting post is that they both help you to reach a large audience but in different ways.  You will get to know the difference once we will discuss boosting post vs Facebook ads below.

You must choose Facebook ads or boosting a post, that depends upon your business goal

Let’s understand first and then the difference between these( Boosting post vs Facebook Ads).

What is Boosting a post on Facebook?

When you are boosting a post on Facebook, you are spending money or your budget to increase the reach of a post to a large targeted audience.

It’s just one-click advertising. You don’t have to manage it in the Facebook ads manager. You just need to pick a post from your business page and click on the boost button.

By boosting your post on Facebook, your content goes viral and reaches a high number of people. 

Not just current followers of your page, Facebook also reaches those people who might be interested in your business.

It was earlier “Promote Post” but now it’s “Boost Post”.

What are the requirements for Boosting a post on Facebook?

It’s simple. You just need a business page on Facebook, manager access, and a post on the Facebook page. Additionally, you will need an ad account because boosted post requires a budget.

Benefits of boosting a Facebook Post

It’s quite impossible to reach a large audience by just posting something on Facebook. Even your followers may see a fraction of your posts.

Boosting a post on Facebook is the quickest and easiest way to show your post in front of more people. Some of its benefits are:

Reach the right people and cover a wide audience:

Not only people who like your page but Facebook also reach those people and get your post in front of those eyeballs who might be interested in your business. A boosted post helps you to reach the target audience.

Boost your post within few minutes:

It just takes few clicks to boost a post. You just need to choose a post, select options like audience settings, your goal, call to action, and more that take hardly five minutes. It can also be done from your mobile device.

You can increase your reach to Instagram:

When you boost a post on Facebook, you can get it in front of Instagram’s audience as a boosted post also. This will help you to reach even more customers and new followers.

Check your performance from Analytics:

When you boost a post on Facebook, you get access to analytics. Analytics is where you can see how well is your boosted post is performing.

What is a Facebook Ad?

It’s an advertisement created by a brand or business on Facebook. It’s not creating content as a post and boost it.  

A boosted post is also advertising on Facebook but a Facebook Ad is quite different from Boosted Post. As I said earlier, both help you to reach a large audience but in different ways

Let’s see how different a Facebook ad is from boosting a post.

Boosting Post Vs Facebook Ads

1. Creation

For a Boosted post, you just have to apply a budget to increase the reach of an existing post on your Facebook business page.

For Facebook Ads, you need to create an ad campaign in the Facebook Ads manager.

2. Objectives

The objectives of a Boosted post can be messages, calls, leads, engagement, video views, and website visitors.

The objectives of a Facebook Ad can be a reach, brand awareness, traffic, lead generation, app installs, engagement, messages, video views, catalog sales, store visits, and conversions.

3. Format

For boosted posts, a standard Facebook post and standard call-to-action format are followed.

For Facebook Ads, there are different ad formats like carousals, stories, etc. Also has a custom call-to-action button.

4. Placements

A boosted post can be placed only on your Facebook and Instagram news feed, and messenger.

There are many placements for Facebook Ads. They are:

  • Facebook newsfeed
  • Messenger
  • Facebook side column newsfeed
  • Instagram newsfeed
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook stories
  • Audience Network
  • Instant Article

5. Targeting Options:

Targeting in a Boosted post is based on age, gender, interests, demographics, behaviors, and location.

In a Facebook Ad, targeting is based on all those options which are available in boosted posts. Additionally, Facebook Ads also offers advanced audience targeting options and lookalike audience targeting options.


You might have seen that Facebook ads have more ad features and offer more options. Facebook ad is more beneficial but still, you must decide your objective or business goal before choosing between boosting a post and Facebook ads. Both are effective depending upon your objective.

I hope now you understand the difference between them both. To know more about how Facebook ads work and the size of image ads, click on it.

So, which one do you feel is the right choice for you, Facebook Ads or boosting posts? Would love to know your thoughts on this in the comment section below.