I shouldn't be telling you...

 I shouldn’t be telling you this…(OMG)


I spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos.

For real. Lately, I’ve been catching up on Sahil Khanna while getting cardio and falling asleep on Pat Flynn’s podcast.

(Comment down and tell me what you like watching on YouTube. It’s okay if it’s kinda weird or silly. You’re reading an article from someone who watched Suits snippets over and over… No judgment here.)

Until lately, I still hadn’t upgraded to YouTube premium!

Yet, I’d sit there and complain, like, “Argh! These damn ads!”

The other day, I was like…

I’m always so quick to invest money to save time or make my life easier…

(That’s essentially why I started with “Sannidhya’s Pick Of The Week” section. You’ll find it down below *wink wink*)

So why the heck am I still spending, like, 30 minutes or more of my day dealing with ads when this simple investment will solve my problem?

That’s over 3 frickin’ hours per week of my life!

Just like that, I decided:

I’m gonna upgrade so I don’t have to see these ads anymore.

Boom. Problem solved.

(No more waking up in the middle of the night to a loud-ass advertisement or having to struggle to hit “skip ad” while on the treadmill!)

I’ve gotta tell ya…

This reminds me of younger Sannidhya.

I used no-cost tools, which actually made my work difficult.

Some of them just sucked.

And they used to suck me out of energy and my precious time.

But, I quickly learned:

Investing in the right things is what makes you a real business owner.

It’s what saves you time and stress, and allows you to focus on bringing in the big bucks.

So, allow me to introduce…

Sannidhya’s Pick Of The Week!
Before reading on, I want you to know that this email contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission when you sign up for any tool with my link – at no additional cost to you!

These recommendations can save you time and/or accelerate your success, as they did for me! 

I ONLY recommend stuff I truly believe in and have *personally* used.

(This really helps support my lil business, and I appreciate you so, so much! <3)

Today we’re talking about Canva.

Before I hired any designers, I used to design my posts myself.

But here’s the thing: I used to spend a lot of time just to get myself to start designing.

That was precisely because I had to create all of my designs from scratch.

And that’s when I started to use Canva.

Here’s what Canva does for me and why I feel it’s one of the best investments I made:

✅Canva has a bunch of awesome templates which I can use on the go. This means that I don’t have to design from scratch(that’s very time-consuming)

✅It’s the interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use which means that you don’t need special expertise to figure Canva out

✅ It allows multiple users to access one account, which means me and my teammates can use it at the same time

✅The brand kit feature of Canva allows me to use my own logo, which makes it easy to ensure brand consistency across all my designs

✅You can design anything from resumes to social media posts to LinkedIn banners to anything and everything that you want

✅Lastly, Canva has the auto-save feature, which means it saves your designs in REAL-TIME😭 (It’s my favorite feature for real.)

Check Canva out, and along the way, I encourage you to think about the return you can get on your investment:)

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:

What to do when nothing is working…


Your account has gone for a toss:(

Step 1: Scale back and reduce the budget immediately.

Step 2: Cut down all the experiments.

Step 3 Enable only the audiences that worked in the past.

Step 4: Enable only those creatives that have worked on a similar design theme.

Step 5: Wait for 5 days.

Once the account is giving you desired results start scaling up.

Don’t worry, you got this:)
Have an awesome rest of your week!

…Oh, and remember to comment down and let me know what you’ve been watching on YouTube lately. I could use some recommendations:)

See you next week,