Benefits of Nord VPN

Do you watch Netflix?  ( yes? no? maybe?)


The other day, I was binge-watching a mind-blowing series on Netflix.

(Actually, mind-blowing and mind-boggling at the same time🤯)

It made me want to leave everything and go live in the hills.

Just kidding, I’m not doing that.

But, here’s what I decided I’d do…

I’m going to live a minimalistic life from now on.

(Alright, some of y’all might have already guessed the name of the series. Or not? )

In case you haven’t guessed already, I watched The Minimalists: Less is now.

After I finished the series, I started my desperate attempt to declutter my closet i.e. throwing away everything that I didn’t need.

The only problem was I couldn’t get myself to throw away a lot of stuff.

By the time I sorted all the clothes, the “keep it” pile had looked like Mount freaking Everest.

I thought to myself, “Oh, I can’t just throw away my high school winter jacket!”

But, the issue with keeping all these nostalgic clothes was…

It still felt heavy.

I decided to sort through the “keep it” pile again, and this time, I kept an even main goal in mind: cutting through the mess that was burdening my mind.

And guess what?

This time the “keep it” pile looked more like just a pile.

Around 50% of what I thought I needed ended up in the “trash” pile.

And all it took was a simple mindset change!

Now, what does this have to do with you?

I’ve decided that I’ll use this technique when I’m about to make big and massive business decisions.

I have made many massive decisions in my 7 years as an entrepreneur.
I made these decisions (some of them very difficult) because I was internally connected to my goal…

☑️Larger goal: Get as many high-paying clients as possible and prioritize my team as much as I can.

☑️What was stopping me: My inner perfectionist doubting and telling me that I needed to be perfect before going all in.

So, the next time you find it difficult to make larger decisions, think. Think about the larger picture.

Reconnect to your one big goal.
And then, use that goal as your North Star that’ll guide you through your small decisions.

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Here’s to our big goals!🍻

Sannidhya’s Pick Of The Week!
Before reading on, I want you to know that this post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission when you sign up for any tool with my link – at no additional cost to you!

These recommendations can save you time and/or accelerate your success, as they did for me! 

I ONLY recommend stuff I truly believe in and have *personally* used.

(This really helps support my Lil business, and I appreciate you so, so much! <3)

Today we’re talking about Nord VPN.
It is said that VPNs give security, and frankly, I don’t know how much of it is true.🥲
But I still use Nord VPN for a number of reasons.
I know that Nord VPN is called the “Holy Grail” of VPNs, but is it so?

Here’s why I feel Nord VPN is the best for marketers like myself:

✅I live in India, and as you may know, TikTok is banned here. If my client wants me to run TikTok ads, Nord VPN is my go-to tool to access TikTok in different countries.
✅It gives me a complimentary password manager tool. All my passwords(yes, all) are safe and secure here.
✅All my clients’ sensitive data are encrypted and saved on the cloud through Nord VPN. It encrypts all the data from your device to the internet and the data you receive back. This keeps all information that you work with inaccessible to third parties.
✅Nord VPN helps me tap into a particular geographical location’s psyche (which is very important as a marketer), and show them targeted ads.
✅The quickest hack to finding new clients, connecting with new people, and connecting with them overseas is to use LinkedIn through Nord VPN. That way, the recommendations that you get will be relevant to people from that geographical location, with whom you can connect and sell your services to:)
✅Most importantly, it is one of the best in the market when it comes to VPNs. Here’s a comparison list for you:

Now, there is no Nord VPN free account, but you can always take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee(yes, it’s completely risk-free).
So, this has been my experience with Nord VPN.

If you feel Nord VPN is for you, you can check it out here

I’ll be back next week with another tool:)

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:
As a Facebook ads strategist, I use this method often to create a warm audience for a new account instantaneously.

I immediately run an instant experience ad or Lead form ad for the Top of the Funnel (TOFU) audience or what we call the cold audience.

Since people don’t have to leave Facebook to interact with these ads, the CPM and CPC are generally pretty low.

Facebook as well prefers showing these ads because nobody is leaving the platform while interacting with the ad. (They do leave, but generally, they are into window shopping mentality when interacting with an instant experience ad)

Now, after running the ad for a day or two, I set up an audience that interacted with the instant experience or the lead form ad.

See you next week,