This one hack can save HOURS in a day.

This one hack can save you HOURS in a day.


Recently I have been travelling a lot.

And packing my luggage has always given me anxiety.. 😰

But now, it takes me just 30 minutes to pack all my stuff up and enjoy my journey.

This is because I have finally found a hack to make my travel packing easier. 😎

I use an app named “Evernote”(the free version) to list the things I have to pack before any trip.

Incase you’re wondering what my checklist looks like:

Basically, it’s a list of my luggage categorized into primary, secondary, and tertiary categories.

The primary category comprises the super important things.

The secondary and tertiary category comprises the things I often forget.

So whenever I travel, I start arranging my things according to this list and pack my stuff peacefully.

And for all of this work, Evernote is my savior.

The idea behind using Evernote is to save me time and get rid of my anxiety.

(Ps: I had to attend a lot of weddings last month. My feet gave up from dancing at all the weddings, but at least I had one less problem to worry about.)

Me making a checklist for packing is setting up a process in my life and setting up a process for everything in my life has been so fruitful for me. ✅

This is because I believe that if I am spending 1 hour completing a task, the next time I take it up, I ensure I complete it sooner.

And if it takes me more time to complete a task, I try to compensate for my hours in the next task.

Even as an entrepreneur, I try to set up processes that help me save time in my business.

For example, I have made a list for preparing engagement letters for new clients or employees.

And when earlier it used to take me almost two hours to prepare an engagement letter, now it takes me just 10 minutes. ⏳

I have set up the process in such a way that anyone from my team can prepare an engagement letter for me.

Another way through which I save time is by investing in different tools.

One such tool that I talk about all the time is  loom .

Loom is a screen recording tool that helps me set up the process of orientation.

And for expanding businesses like mine, loom is a big time saver.

Every now and then, we hire new interns for my agency, Baweja Media.

So whenever a new member adds to my team, I do not have to explain the whole work process to them again and again.

Loom is one of the many tools I use to smoothen my business work.

(Ps: If you want to know about more tools which I use, reply to this email and I’ll get back to you within the next 48 hours.)

If you think Loom might be beneficial for you, too, do check it out from the link below.

This is an affiliate link, meaning I receive a commission when you sign up for any tool with my link – at no additional cost to you!

I recommend these tools to you because I believe they can save you time and/or accelerate your success, as they did for me!

I ONLY recommend stuff I truly believe in and have *personally* used.

(This really helps support my lil business, and I appreciate you so, so much! <3)

So be it making a luggage list or documenting everything in my business, setting up a process for everything makes my personal and professional life smooth each passing day. 🙂

Here’s what happened in the IROF community last week:

In this section, I’m gonna share with you the exciting developments that have been happening in my Facebook Ad Community.

Just so let you know, this community is a hub for marketers, advertisers, and business owners to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and share success stories.

From new features and updates to innovative campaigns and breakthrough results, there is so much to learn and be inspired by. So, make sure you don’t miss out on these highlights and keep reading to find out what’s been going on.

Last week, I received a question from Darshak.

Instead of simply typing out a response, I felt that it would be more impactful to deliver a personalized video message directly to him. And I believe it can provide valuable insights for everyone in our community.

That’s why I’m sharing it here with all of you, in the hopes that it will shed light on this important topic and help answer any similar questions that may arise.

This is also a chance for you to get your hands on the video answers that you may have missed in the community:)

You can find the link to the video answer here: 

Now, if you also want to ask anything related to Facebook ads, the best way to do so is through the community.

Now how can you join the community? You’ll gain instant access to my premium community once you  purchase my advanced eBook- IROF , which is a game changer if you’re a Facebook ads expert.

Plus, imagine getting all your Facebook ad-related queries solved through detailed video messages(that’s not something to be missed out on).

So, go ahead, check out my book and I’ll see you inside.

Here’s what happened on my Socials: Have you been wondering if learning Facebook ads is something you want to do in 2023?

I posted a detailed YouTube video on the same topic where I get into the ins and outs of learning Facebook ads in 2023.

Check out the video here

P.S. I have praised Facebook a lot!

Last week on Instagram, I also talked about high-quality lead generation through a series of reels.

And kid me not, I have another 3 reels to be posted on the same topic in the coming week.

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:

CBO aka Campaign Budget Optimization.

The most important thing to keep in mind while checking this box is…

The audience size in all the ad sets should be comparable.

If it isn’t then don’t do it!

Also, try setting the minimum budget spend on every ad set so that you get a clear picture by the end of the experiment.

But but but… depending upon accounts and niche I have seen small audience spending more at times (for the last 5 – 6 months).

So, keep looking at the data to understand your account better

See you next week, SB:)