Every Content Creator Should Know This...

Every content creator should know this…


Recently I posted a poll on my Instagram story asking people if they want me to share my daily schedule.

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(Of course, I hid the confidential information)

And most of you clicked the “YES” button.

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This made me realize that people love to see the daily life of the people they follow.

If you are an entrepreneur, an actor, or an Instagram star, your followers will always be interested in knowing about your insights and everyday chores.

This helps your followers relate more with you on a personal level.

(I guess this is the reason why daily lifestyle vlogs get so many views on YouTube)

And now, I have started posting stories about my day regularly.

And honestly, I feel that I have been able to connect more with my audience and vice versa; they can see how my life as an entrepreneur goes by.

Plus, it helps me engage with my followers and fellow content creators, which, in turn, helps me build my personal brand.

So the point around the whole story is that sometimes you have to ask what your audience wants and deliver it to them.

Because the idea of sharing my daily schedule had not hit me before y’all clicked on that YES button.

So as long as I am a creator, I’ll try my best to deliver exactly what my audience wants.

Here’s what happened in the IROF community last week

In this section, I’m gonna share with you the exciting developments that have been happening in my Facebook Ads Community.

As you may already know, this community is a hub for marketers, advertisers, and business owners to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and share success stories.

From new features and updates to innovative campaigns and breakthrough results, there is so much to learn and be inspired by. So, make sure you don’t miss out on these highlights and keep reading to find out what’s been going on.

Last week, I received a question from Shivani:

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Instead of simply typing out a response, I felt that it would be more impactful to deliver a personalized video message directly to them. And I believe it can provide valuable insights for everyone in our community.

That’s why I’m sharing it here with all of you, in the hopes that it will shed light on the topic and help answer any similar questions that may arise. This is also a chance for you to get your hands on the video answers that you may have missed in the community:)

You can find the link to the video answer here:  https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/14838976?key=89dc006e37b6b984b1d99f7dc85d8e34 

Now, if you also want to ask anything related to Facebook ads, the best way to do so is through the community.

Now how can you join the community? You’ll gain instant access to my premium community once you purchase my advanced  eBook- IROF , which is a game changer if you’re a Facebook ads expert.

Plus, imagine getting all your Facebook ad-related queries solved through detailed video messages(that’s not something to be missed out on).

So, go ahead, check out my book and I’ll see you inside:

Here’s what happened on my Socials

It’s surprising how so many benefits of UGC ads go unnoticed. So, last week, I posted a detailed video on how you can leverage UGC ads to its maximum potential.

Watch my latest video here

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Last week on Instagram, I also talked about high-quality lead generation through a series of reels. The entire series will be up on my IG by next Monday so don’t forget to check that out.

Also, I’ll be clubbing all the series into one guide, once all the reels in the series are up, so stay tuned for that.

For now,

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week

How to properly conduct Facebook A/B testing?

1. Determine your goal.

It can be anything from website traffic; conversions, lead to video views.

The possibilities are endless!

2. Determine your variable.

It can also be anything.

Location, creatives, a sign-in creative, caption, or audiences.

Endless possibilities!

3. Launch the ads!

Fix either the duration or the amount spent before which you aren’t going to touch the ads.

Make yourself that pinky promise that you will not tweak ads no matter what happens.

4. Analyze the data.

Use this data and compare it with what you have witnessed earlier.

Compare both and draw some findings.

5. Disable the underperformers

I know this can be hard… Super hard.

Especially when the idea you thought was the best didn’t work at all.

I know it was your brainchild, but it’s not the time to get emotional.

6. Repeat

Do it till you die.

See you next week,