Stop the Leaks in Your Funnel: Master Early Indicators Now!


Today’s newsletter is so important that I’ve dedicated the entire issue to discuss one thing and one thing only: **Early Indicators**.

The reason I’m emphasizing this topic is simple yet monumental: early indicators are the litmus test that can either make your campaigns thrive or die. Yet, most of you have been asking me questions about them, indicating that a refresher is due.

The Unread Book Syndrome πŸ“š

To those of you who’ve asked me how to manage these early indicators, my first response is: Have you read my book?

Section 8.1, titled “Dashboard Organization” is a must-read. It dissects what I often refer to as the “User Conversion Journey”. I get that this term can be a head-scratcher if you haven’t delved into the book, so please, flip to this section and enlighten yourselves. You’ll thank me later.

The CPC and CPM Deep Dive πŸ“Š

Next, head to Section 9 where we chat about CPC and CPM. These metrics are the bread and butter of your early indicators. Ignoring them is equivalent to driving blindfolded. If you’re looking to master the metrics game, this section is your playground.

Action Time: The Swipe File πŸ› οΈ

Once you’ve fully grasped the importance of early indicators, make your way to our Ads Swipe File. Page 58, click the linkβ€”don’t copy-paste, it won’t work for some arcane reason.

Inside, you’ll find a goldmine of over 300 ads to get your creative juices flowing. I urge you to take action; last month alone, I tested over 500 ads to fine-tune my strategies. This is a game of continuous improvement. Your willingness to test and adapt is what sets you apart.

The Test-Trim-Test Mantra πŸ”„

After crafting your ads, it’s imperative to watch those early indicators like a hawk. They’ll tell you what’s working and what needs to be axed. Keep testing, and trim the fat that doesn’t yield results.

I can’t emphasize enough how these early indicators can be your life-savers. They are the barometers that indicate the health of your campaigns, helping you make pivotal decisions on the fly.

The Money-Saving Magic of Early Indicators πŸ’΅

Let me share another crucial piece of wisdom that’s a game-changer: Early indicators are your front-line defense against wasting thousands on non-performing ads. These metrics are not just pretty numbers; they’re your financial safeguard.

Let’s say your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is $300. Instead of pouring thousands into an uncertain ad, ad set, or campaign, all you need to do is invest that $300. Monitor the early indicators and compare them against your benchmark metrics. If they’re not measuring up, you’ll know it’s time to pull the plug before more dollars drain away.

In the long run, this approach isn’t just a money-saverβ€”it’s a money multiplier. Because every dollar you don’t waste on underperforming ads is a dollar that can be reinvested into scaling what truly works.

Remember, every piece of feedback you send our way helps us make The Baweja Buzz better. So keep those suggestions coming.

Until next week, keep buzzing!