How the Sneak Attack Strategy Added £30,567 to My Bottom Line!


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This week, we’re diving into a stellar strategy that added an extra £30,567 to my marketing agency’s books last year. It’s called the ‘Sneak Attack’

Let’s delve into the details through this flow:

1. Decoding the Sneak Attack Method

2. Amplifying with the Sneak Attack

3. E-commerce and the Sneak Attack Method

4. Sneak Attack for B2B Lead Gen

5. A Word of Caution and the Way Forward

6. Parting Thoughts

1. Decoding the Sneak Attack Method

The Sneak Attack Method is more than just a trendy phrase. It’s a nuanced Facebook advertising approach, striking a balance between performance optimization and cost savings. Here’s a deeper dive:

– High Budget Setting: Begin by earmarking a budget five times greater than your planned expenditure. This tactic signals to Facebook’s algorithm about significant financial commitment, effectively influencing its ad-serving mechanism. If you aren’t confident then you can start small and increase the budget later on.

– Diversifying Ad Types: Diversity is paramount. Crafting multiple ad variants not only casts a broader net but also discerns which ad hits the bullseye. It’s a perfect blend of experimentation and optimization.

– Bid Strategy:

  • Campaign Selection: Decide between CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) or ABO (Ad Set Budget Optimization) based on what you’re more comfortable with.
  • Cap Choice: Depending on your preference, opt for either a bid cap or cost cap. Everyone has their preference: some might lean towards combining CBO with a cost cap, others may choose ABO with a bid cap. Go with the pairing that’s consistently effective for you.
  • Initial Bid Adjustment: Once your ads are live, it’s crucial to keep a close watch on your bids. A valuable suggestion: set your bid cap or cost cap to 0.8 times your current cost per result. This tactic ensures you attract high-quality traffic while maintaining a check on expenses.

– Bid Adjustment:

  • Monitoring: After setting up your strategy, continuous and attentive monitoring is key.
  • Objective: Your main aim should be to pull in quality traffic.
  • Tweaking Strategy: If your campaign isn’t spending as projected, consider upping your bids. Opt for modest increments, say, by $5 or $10. This helps in making sure you’re in the game, but without going overboard on your budget.

– Use in Both Phases: The allure of the Sneak Attack Method is its adaptability during both testing and scaling phases. Begin modestly, validate your ads, and then go big, all the while leveraging this method’s prowess. Personally, I lean towards employing the Sneak Attack Method primarily for scaling once I’ve pinpointed the winning creatives. However, its versatility lets you harness it for both testing and scaling

2. Amplifying with the Sneak Attack

If you’re considering scaling with the Sneak Attack Method, here are some guiding principles:

– Quality Over Quantity: Prioritize acquiring high-quality traffic that converts over sheer volume. So, shuffle the audience and creatives whenever required.

– Iterative Approach: Embrace a regimen of continuous, meaningful tweaks. Gradually adjust bids, keep tabs on traffic quality, and escalate when the momentum is right.

– Budget Augmentation: When ads start delivering, it’s your cue to bolster the budget, but always prioritize gradual progression over hurried aggression.

3. E-commerce and the Sneak Attack Method

Harnessing the Sneak Attack for e-commerce is both rewarding and challenging:

– Removes Uncertainty: This strategy mandates spending only if the results align with the desired CPA.

– Reduces the Overall CPA: Achieving results below a stipulated threshold invariably trims down the overall CPA, streamlining operations.

– Budget Fluctuation: High competition days may see limited spending due to anticipated elevated CPAs. So that’s the only demerit of the strategy.

– Product Clarity: Utilizing catalog ads provides insight into top-performing products, swiftly guiding your product team.

– Low-Hanging Fruits: This method ensures you grasp every potential customer. Pair this with retargeting, and you have a winning combo.

– Urgency-Driven Campaigns: This approach seamlessly aligns with time-sensitive offers like flash sales or exclusive product launches.

– Audience Insight: Harness Google Analytics to decode audience dimensions and preferences.

4. Sneak Attack for B2B Lead Gen

All the principles laid out for B2C e-commerce apply here, albeit with contextually apt modifications you can introduce. In addition, here are a few pointers to provide further clarity:

Real-World Impact: As an illustration, a client of mine experienced a substantial 56% reduction in cost per payout and a 45% decrease in cost per lead, culminating in a monthly profit boost of over £15,000.”

5. A Word of Caution and the Way Forward

I’ve meticulously documented every facet of the Sneak Attack in an exhaustive case study within my course. Pondering over the price tag? Think of the value on offer. Prices are slated to rise this weekend, so seize the moment.

Caution: The Sneak Attack is potent. A mere oversight, like an additional zero in your bid, can rapidly drain your budget. This isn’t a strategy for the risk-averse. To truly master it, consider expert guidance, especially via my course

6. Parting Thoughts

To the Sneak Attack critics: Trial it before forming judgments. And if you wish to debate its efficacy, I’m all ears for a face-to-face discussion.

Next Steps

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