Should you start a Youtube channel

Should you be starting a YouTube channel?


That’s a tricky question, isn’t it?

You might be a business owner….

Or maybe you’re a freelancer….

And you’re wondering if youtube is for you.

On one hand, you think, “Oh, Youtube is saturated.”

But, on the other hand, you see YouTubers earning well/living their best lives.

Well, here’s my story.

I’m an agency owner and I feel starting a youtube channel is one of the best decisions of my life.

Here’s why:

I have a youtube channel where I’ve been posting content for 2 years now.

Currently, I have more than 11k subscribers.

The channel is monetized and caters to decision-makers.

My YouTube content specifically focuses on the questions decision-makers are interested in.

Because of this, I get a lot of consultation, speaking, and coaching opportunities which easily makes the whole venture ROI positive.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should be starting a youtube channel- decide upon your content strategy first.

Because your content strategy will decide your ROI positivity:)

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