This will cheer you up...

Low on energy? This will cheer you up…

Hey ,

“What do you do on those days when you don’t feel confident, fearless, or powerful?”

Remember the sassy answer Rihanna gave when a reporter asked this question to her at an event?

(Side note- I’m a huge Rihanna fan btw)

“Um, PRETEND. It’s either that or cry myself to sleep, who wants to do that?”

As much as I admire her, this doesn’t work for me.

For a CEO who’s running 4 ventures together, it requires a lot of effort to be motivated than just pretending.

So, whenever I feel demotivated, here’s what I do:

I……listen to my motivational playlist.

I mean, if you were expecting an extraordinary answer, there isn’t any.

It works differently for everyone. For me, it’s music. And specifically my motivational playlist.

If music is your go-to stress buster, I have something for you.

Here are the links to my motivational playlist:


Now, this will work two ways- Either you like my playlist and listen to it every time you feel demotivated OR my playlist might motivate you to create a playlist of your own. Either way, I’m happy to help hehe.

P.S. Feel free to send me your playlist links by commenting below 🙂

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