I ran an experiment on ChatGPT – Here’s what happened!

I experimented with ChatGPT last week, and here’s what I learned! 

What I learned is that I can use ChatGPT to generate prompts for itself. 

Here’s what I did. 

Starting from the basics, I first asked ChatGPT to help me understand how to create better prompts. 

And this way I got information from ChatGPT itself about how and what I should feed it so that it gives me the best results possible. 

But did I stop there? 

No, no, no! 

What I did after that was I asked ChatGPT to generate 10 prompts that I could feed it to get a persuasive Facebook Ads copy. 

And it did. 

So, I asked it to generate 100 more prompts. 

Obviously, it did not get to 100 because it ran out of servers hehe, and it gave up after like 14 or 15. 

But I’m not kidding; those prompts were really good. So, I’d say it was a pretty fruitful outcome. 

Do you know what I learned out of this or what I am trying to share here with you? 

You don’t need to refer to any external sources to get ChatGPT working for you. You can do it all in one place, using ChatGPT only. 

This is a relatively new AI technology and it’s very advanced not going to lie here, but when you operate it, you have the power to experiment with it, play with it and even ask it to do our jobs for us. 

So, yeah! That was that, and honestly? It was really fun discovering what this technology can do! 

If you’ve found something interesting while using ChatGPT too, reply to this email and share your experience! 

I would love to read and learn from those! 

Here’s what happened in the IROF community last week

In this section, I’m gonna share with you the exciting developments that have been happening in my Facebook Ads Community. 

As you may already know, this community is a hub for marketers, advertisers, and business owners to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and share success stories. 

From new features and updates to innovative campaigns and breakthrough results, there is so much to learn and be inspired by. So, make sure you don’t miss out on these highlights and keep reading to find out what’s been going on.

Last month, I received a question from Kasyap Thakkar:

And the IROF community members came together in the comment section to help Kasyap out!

The IROF community is a bunch of Facebook ad fanatics who are practically a big, happy family. They’ve got each other’s backs and always lend a hand when needed.

I can’t recommend this group enough – in fact, I wish it had existed when I first started dabbling in FB ads seven years ago. 

But you know what they say: if you can’t find the community you want, create it yourself! 7 years later, that’s exactly what I did.

Now how can you join the community? You’ll gain instant access to my premium community once you purchase my advanced ebook- IROF, which is a game changer if you’re a Facebook ads expert. 

Plus, imagine getting all your Facebook ad-related queries solved through detailed video messages and community members always having your back(that’s not something to be missed out on).  

So, go ahead, check out my book, and I’ll see you inside:

Here’s what happened on my Socials:

Last week, I posted a video ending the debate on long-form ad copy v/s short-form ad copy on my Youtube. After watching the video, you’ll know exactly which one works the best and which one YOU should go for. Click on the banner below to watch the video and let me know in the comment section of the video what you learned!

On Instagram, I posted 3 new reels on how you can craft better FB ads. Each reel talks about one actionable tip that you can implement right away in your ad. Since it’ll be confusing to put links to all videos here, I have gone the extra mile and created a guide section, where you can find all the reels in one place. You can check out all the reels in order, here:

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:

Let’s talk about UTM!

I hope you are already aware of the use of the UTM!

If not, then you can read this article

Now for all of you who are already aware of it, do you know that you can place dynamic UTM inside Facebook?

If you want more clarity, then here is the video to explain it further:

See you next week,