How to deal with toxicity

How to deal with toxic people?

Picture this,

You get up in the morning, and you’re pumped to hit the gym.

You get ready, pick your protein shake, and rush toward your car.

You reach the gym, quickly change your clothes, and head to the treadmill.

As soon as you’re about to press the start button on the treadmill….you see them.


I’m talking about that one toxic person in your life who makes you go…

“Uh, gawd, not again!”

No matter whether you’re the most successful person on this planet, you WILL come across at least one person who’s gonna have a toxic impact on your life. (Now, don’t tell me you’re the toxic one in others’ lives. Don’t.)

Fortunately, I just have one.

Yep, I just used the word FORTUNATELY while mentioning the toxic person.

I meet this guy at the gym. Every. Single. Day. (Yep, what I made you imagine at the beginning is what I live through every day).

For the longest time in my life, I’ve been very particular about who to surround myself with.

Maybe that’s because I’m an agency owner?

I lead a big team and I believe it becomes mandatory to have a growth mindset while working with other people.

But, here’s the funny part:

I didn’t write this email to preach about how you should avoid being around toxic people.

In fact, what I’m going to tell you is actually a little controversial.

And I learned it the hard way so here goes…

“Keep a little bit of toxicity around you. Because that makes you feel GRATEFUL for the positivity that surrounds you.”

Let me explain.

Have you heard this quote before?

“Without sadness, you’ll never appreciate true happiness.”

Trust me when I say that this quote is the ONLY logic behind what I said above.

I’m more than grateful to be surrounded by a great team and great people around me.

Had I not met the toxic guy at the gym four months ago, I would’ve NEVER felt the actual power of the people I’m grateful for.

And isn’t this what life is?

Finding joy in a field of sadness.

Sounds hard right?

You’re goddamn right it’s hard.

But, all I know is that I’m gonna go to the gym tomorrow and listen to everything he says and nod my head like I usually do.

And you have to do it too the next time you come across that person. The only difference would be that you’re also going to feel a little grateful alongside.

So, CEO tip of the day is: “Practice gratefulness. It pays off in the end.”

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