Improve Facebook Ads

FB Ads Hack #17- 7 tips to drastically improve your Facebook Ads I wish I knew earlier…

Hey there, welcome back to Facebook Ads Hack class 17. Today we are going to learn 7 Tips to improve Facebook Ads.

Do you think using customer testimonials is the best and the only way to get the lowest cost per acquisition possible?

Trust me!

I also thought so.

But after running ads for more than 6 years I have realized that testimonial is one of the best ways and not the only way to dominate the market.

Don’t believe me?

Let me give you one pro tip.

Ever seen meme ads?

They have on average a 50% lower cost per acquisition than any conventional ad (even more than unboxing videos).

And if you want to know 6 more tips to better your Facebook ads then check out this (self-acclaimed) awesome video I made just for you.

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