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Facebook Ads Hack #11- Attribution In Facebook Ads

Hey, welcome back to Facebook Ads Hack class 11. In this blog, we are going to learn about Attribution in Facebook Ads.

Imagine this.

You are browsing the internet, and you see an ad for shoes from a company for the first time.

Quite naturally, you read it but don’t take any action and move on.

Later that night, you remember that company’s ad and visit their website and make a purchase.

Now, let’s take another scenario.

You are browsing and seeing an ad for a company selling water purifiers. You click on the ad and visit the website and book a demo. The salesperson visits your home to showcase the product. You feel satisfied, and after 3 days, place an order on the website.

In both scenarios, what do you think is responsible for the purchase?

I think most of you might have said that the ad you saw is responsible for the conversion.

We often see an ad, but we don’t immediately purchase the product or perform the desired action(called a conversion). We try to read reviews, read a few blogs, see if any discount code is available, and if the product’s value is very high, then we even try to ask a few people in our inner circle who might have already bought that product.

Basically, the journey is not a straightforward path after all.

This brings me back to my previous question. What do you think is actually responsible for the conversion?

And this is what Attribution is all about.

In Facebook’s words:

The “Attribution” setting is a finite period of time during which conversions can be credited to your ads and used to inform campaign optimization.

Facebook’s system will learn from the conversions that occur during this time period and help improve performance by showing your ads to those people who find them most relevant.

To understand attribution from A to Z, check out this video.

Setting Attribution in facebook ads

After watching this video you will know:

What is attribution in Facebook Ads?

How does it work?

How many types of Attribution windows are available?

Which is the best attribution window for you?

And much more!

That’s it in today’s Facebook ads Hacks class. If you want to learn more about Facebook ads and how to convert customers through it, get my Facebook ads course here.

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I’ll see you in the next Facebook ads hack class.