Facebook Ads Tips and Hacks

Facebook Ads Hack #1: Broad Is The Way To Go!

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This is the first post in the “Facebook ads hack” series. This series is dedicated to all the experiments that I have run or will be running to get results on Facebook Ads.

I will not only share the wins but also the failures so that you don’t commit these mistakes.

This series will help you grow your business and stay updated with the Facebook Ads trends.

With that let’s jump on to today’s topic!

Facebook ads tips and hacks

There is no use to use the detailed targeting option in your ads.

It’s better to not fill anything here than to choose an interest.

I am not saying anything about Lookalike audiences or Special Ads audiences. These still yield great returns.


For the past 4 to 5 months, I have been running ads for my clients on a lot of audiences but none of them works as well as leaving this dialog box empty and letting Meta run wild.

Also, this is applicable only for the Facebook Business accounts with matured pixels. If your account is fairly new then don’t try this stunt.

You can go for Lookalike audiences or Special Ads Audiences first and then try this adventure.

I will repeat, and quote this time!

“You don’t have to deselect the detailed targeting dialog box If you are creating a new campaign for the top-of-the-funnel audience”.


Facebook ads tips and hacks

That’s it for today’s Facebook ads hacks. If you want to learn how Facebook ads work and how to convert customers through it, get my Facebook ads course here.

In the next hack, I talked about the bidding strategy and does it matter? Do check that out.

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