This is How Alexa Changed My Life

This is how Alexa changed my life


Me to Alexa

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I purchased Alexa in 2019, which has been a major part of my everyday life since then.

It might look like a luxury to someone else, but I know how powerful it is and what value it brings to me.

As a creator, it is necessary for you to have a hobby or a distraction to engage your mind.

Even the famous book “Ikigai” talks about how your mind should always be in a state of flow.

And Alexa aids with that.

I have created a playlist of my favorite songs and podcasts.

So whenever I want to uplift my mood, I just have to give a voice command, and Alexa takes care of the rest.

I recall the days during the covid lockdown when half of the people in the world were demotivated to work, especially because of the work-from-home culture and the pandemic stress.

Those were the days when Alexa helped me a lot.

It honestly amazes me how technology is evolving so fast.

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Alexa and other such handy AI tools have the power to make your lives better, trust me.

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:

This simple yet effective tip can quadruple your ROI of ads.

Create a landing page that is dedicated to social proofs.

They can be


✅Random ratings

✅Celebrity endorsements

✅Influencer endorsements

✅Security Stamps


Anything that comes to your mind.

Now that you have this landing page, redirect people to this webpage once they have interacted with your ads.

In general, it requires 7 touchpoints for a customer to convert.

Doing this exercise for my clients has reduced that to 4 touchpoints.

Any thoughts?

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