This Pissed Me

This got me pissed


Every Saturday, I record videos for my YouTube channel.

My team mates send me the scripts for the YouTube videos that have to be shot and I record them, which then go to the video editor and then on my YouTube channel.

And I never consider it to be a chore that has to be done.

I LOVEEEEEEE recording videos and it is my favorite part of the week.
But, last Saturday, something weird happened.
One of the scripts were not up to the mark.
I tried my best to not loose my shit and started recording.
Halfway through the script, I realized that I can’t do this.
I was super pissed. 😤
Recording YouTube videos was supposed to make me happy.
Instead, it ruined my headspace and now my day was ruined.

So, I’d just wasted 35 minutes, and all hope of having a productive day recording anything was seemingly lost.

But, instead of letting this incident ruin my entire day, I thought:

Okay, well, I’ll just take a break and eat lunch instead of forcing myself to work. Then I’ll go outdoors for a little while to spend some time in the fresh air, reconnect with my surroundings, and see how I can still make the most of today.”
And here we are, my friend.

Yes, having to move my schedule around is still frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to derail my entire day (or week).

And it certainly doesn’t mean the day is a waste – after all, this newsletter came of it! 😉

All I had to do was stop for a moment and pivot from a place of not panicking.
It’s worth it to pause, check in with yourself, and make a decision about your next move from a place of peace and clarity:)

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week:
I conducted a poll inside my small and private community of Facebook Ads expert on whether I should create a video around the topic of closing clients. And the overwhelming majority said yes!

But while I was asking that question I realized people struggle throughout the process of discovering to finally closing the clients.

So, in this video, I will walk you through my process of finding clients to approaching them and then finally closing them.

I will also be sharing the resources like outbound email scripts, videos, and other podcast episodes or resources that helped me in this whole journey.

Using this exact same strategy I have closed clients that pay me more than £3000 per month.

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In your corner always,