Here’s how life has been treating me lately…

Here’s how life has been treating me lately…


In the previous blog, I talked about how being a narcissist helps me run my business.

(If you haven’t read that one,  check it out here )

And if you are a narcissist, you would want everything to revolve around you.

Here’s how that pans out in my life.

I currently run three companies:  Baweja Media ,  Your Mental Health Pal , and .

And when you have three companies to run, everything will automatically center around you. 😏

Running three companies is a dream come true for me!

Even though I have seen many people who get disappointed when their imagination becomes a reality, I love every bit of the reality I am living at present. 🥰

So, if you are a narcissist like me, just open three companies (or even one), and everything will start revolving around you! 😎

I know it sounds weird, but starting three companies has treated my narcissistic self well so far, and it’s one of the best things that has happened for my business.

Here’s what happened in the IROF community last week

In this section, I’m gonna share with you the exciting developments that have been happening in my Facebook Ads Community.

As you may already know, this community is a hub for marketers, advertisers, and business owners to exchange ideas, discuss strategies, and share success stories.

From new features and updates to innovative campaigns and breakthrough results, there is so much to learn and be inspired by. So, make sure you don’t miss out on these highlights and keep reading to find out what’s been going on.

Last week, I posted a case study(which was an actual question asked by one of the community members)and the answers we received were CRAZY.

Here’s the question:

Nachiket’s response was nothing short of amazing and I am so happy to share it with you. So, not only do I give a response to the questions, other members of the community also take it up as a challenge to answer these questions. It’s wonderful to see our community engage with each other and challenge themselves in such a fun and creative way.

Here’s the response he commented:

I’m so happy that each member of the community feels at home and that all of us collectively learn from each other. Now, if you also want to ask anything related to Facebook ads, the best way to do so is through the community. As I just said, I have personally learned so much from the discussions and interactions with other members- and you can too!

Now that you have already purchased the book, and have joined the community, go ahead and drop a question, and I’ll answer it!

Incase, if you haven’t joined the community yet. Click the button below.

Here’s what happened on my Socials

The amount of times my audience has asked me about tools that I use as a Facebook ads expert is unimaginable. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a YouTube video on the same.

Check out the YouTube video by clicking the link below.(trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one):

Last week, I also finished posting the series on “How I Earn Money Through Facebook Ads”. You can  access all of those reels  from the guide section on my Instagram. So, go ahead and check it out by clicking the button below.

Sannidhya’s Facebook ads HACK of the week

The behavior of your current customers will change over time.

Therefore, you must constantly update your custom audience of purchasers on Facebook.

While you are at it, keep updating your lookalike as well.

Because why would you upload the customer list on Facebook anyway!

Okay, I know you’ve already read the book, and you know how much value the book provides.

After repeated requests from my community, I also launched an  Advanced Facebook Ads Course  as an extension to my eBook-IROF.

People who’ve bought the course mentioned that the course is BONKERS and that it is a must have for every Facebook ads marketer out there. If you feel this is something you want to check out, click on the button below:

See you next week,

SB! 🙂