Facebook Ads’ Secret Exposed: Boost Your ROAS with Carpet Bombing!

Ever wondered how you can cast a net so wide with your ads that it feels like you’ve got everyone’s attention?

It’s not magic, folks; it’s a strategy called “carpet bombing” in the world of Facebook ads.

But hold up; it’s not as explosive as it sounds.

What is Carpet Bombing?

The term “carpet bombing,” when mentioned in Facebook ads, doesn’t mean an actual bombing (phew!). It’s about firing up a high-intensity advertising strategy.

First, you flood the digital space with your ad, trying to reach everyone.

Then, you let Facebook’s smart tech help you zero in on those who are most interested. Imagine fishing with a huge net and then picking out the biggest, juiciest fish. That’s carpet bombing for you!

Here’s a detailed breakdown:



  • Objective: Create broad awareness, educate, or entertain your potential audience with content they’ll find top-notch. Now, here’s a pro tip: run it on the video view awareness objective, but choose a broad audience. No restrictions! We want to go as wide as we can with this.
  • Audience Exclusion: Now, even though you’re reaching out broadly, you don’t want to pester those who already know about your brand. Exclude peeps who’ve interacted with your ads earlier. They know you, you know them, no need for reintroductions.
  • Ad Content: Videos are the kings here! They’re like mini-movies telling a story about your brand, product, or service. If people are sticking to the end of your video, you’ve nailed it!
  • Where to Place Your Ads?: Not all ad spaces are created equal. Avoid the “Audience Network” and stick to the main players. The best places to roll your video? Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed, Facebook Reels, Facebook Stories, and Facebook Feed. These are like the prime-time TV slots for ads!


  • Objective: Here’s where you want results. Like sign-ups, visits, purchases, you name it.
  • Funnel Segmentation: Imagine a slide. At the top, you’ve got fresh faces. The middle? Curious folks who’ve poked around but not bought. The bottom? Almost-customers. We call these stages Top of Funnel (TOF), Middle of Funnel (MOF), and Bottom of Funnel (BOF). Each stage needs a different chat-up line.
  1. a. Top of Funnel (TOF): Targeting new potential customers who haven’t interacted with your brand.
  2. b. Middle of Funnel (MOF): Engaging individuals who might have shown some interest. Maybe they’ve visited your website but haven’t made a purchase.
  3. c. Bottom of Funnel (BOF): Targeting individuals close to conversion, such as those who added products to the cart but didn’t purchase.



  • Allocation: Keep aside about 5% of your total ad budget for this. It’s like the appetizer before the main course.


  • Allocation: Here’s where you spend the big bucks. 95% of your budget goes here. Spread it among TOF, MOF, and BOF, depending on where you need to push more.
  • Daily vs. Lifetime Budget: A daily budget ensures you’re spending a consistent amount every day. This is generally easier to manage and is recommended for most campaigns. A lifetime budget is spread out over the lifetime of the ad campaign, which is beneficial if you have to run ads on a specific schedule or want to ensure you don’t overspend over a longer period.


  • Reaching Untapped Audiences: By starting with a broad video view campaign, you’re able to reach individuals who might never have heard of your brand, product, or service.
  • Algorithmic Learning: Facebook’s powerful machine learning algorithms monitor user interactions and progressively refine the audience for better ROI. As users interact with the awareness video, Facebook gleans insights about the type of audience that’s engaging with your content and can use these insights to benefit the other conversion campaigns.
  • Drip Benefit: Once users have been “warmed up” by the video view campaign, they’re more receptive to conversion campaigns. The awareness created by the initial video makes it easier to push these users down the conversion funnel.
  • Lookalike Audiences: By targeting lookalike audiences of people who’ve watched a significant portion (e.g., 75%) of your video, you’re leveraging Facebook’s data to find new potential customers who have similar characteristics and behaviors to those who’ve shown interest in your content.

In conclusion, the carpet bombing strategy in Facebook ads is a two-pronged approach where you first cast a wide net to create awareness and then refine your targeting based on interactions. It leverages the power of Facebook’s machine-learning algorithms to optimize ad delivery for better results.

Until next time,